“Details are the most important differentiator that is why we take care of every detail to make sure we stand out”

Materials and Process

To cherish now and forever, our base materials are tested and proven materials to leave you more than a lasting impression, unlike other mixed metals used in the industry. 

  • 14K solid yellow gold, white gold, rose gold 
  • .925 sterling silver in high polished silver, gold plating, or rose gold plating  
  • Stainless steel in high polished silver, gold plating, or rose gold plating 

Each pendant is cut with precision, polished, and high-pressure steamed to achieve a lustrous, shiny, look.  Every piece that is plated is layered with gold or rose gold, using electroplating which improves resistance to tarnish over a long period of time. 

Size Guide

Necklace Chart


Ring Guide

Step 1: Tie a string or floss around your finger. Make sure not to stretch the material (if you're using a stretchy material such as floss). Do not wrap the string around your finger too tight as you will need the ring to slip off with ease. After you've made the right adjustments, mark the area of the string where the two ends meet. We suggest to do this exercise a few times to ensure you get the same measurement each time. 

Step 2: Untie the string or floss and lay it down next to a ruler or a measuring tape. Mark down the ring measurement in millimeters. 

Step 3: Using the MUSE MMXX ring guide, find your measurement in millimeters to determine its corresponding ring size. 


Care and Storage

To extend the life of your jewelry, we recommend to keep your MUSE MMXX jewelry away from moisture and chemicals. Remove when exercising, swimming, and showering. Polish regularly and store safely, away from moisture when not in use.