Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Modern Mom


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Mother's Day is especially close to our heart. After all this is the foundation of how we came to be. We've put together some gift ideas to hopefully inspire and get your creative juice flowing. Whether she's a new or experienced mom, she deserves to know how much we care because to put it simply, noone measures up to her!

1. Tiny Initial Disc Necklace - Add her babies' initials on each disc to represent the tiny humans whose hearts she holds forever. Mix and match the sizes and quantities for a more meaningful look.
2. Initial Medallion Necklace - For the mom who is a champ. They say we can't all look good, it's either the house, the kids, or mom, but she seems to carry it all with grace. Give her a symbolic initial medallion to remind her how much she is winning it in life and motherhood!
3. You had the power all along Rectangle Necklace - Hey momventures arent easy. For the mom who needs a little encouragement, remind her that she can live joyfully day by day, because she holds the power within her. This 14K solid gold beauty is a jewelry she will cherish for life.
4. Superhero, Supermom Circle Necklace - Motherhood is not about being perfect its about being super! I don't know about you but I call my mom for everything. To my defender, healer, bestfriend, cheerleader, and many more, you are my superhero!
5. Mom in a Million Small Rectangle Necklace - No titles, no pay increases, often times hammered by double standards yet she holds her head up high because she is simply QUEEN. She is the one and only, irreplaceable, mom in a million.
The sky is the limit with your creativity! Get started with personalizing your Mother's Day Gift today.