Maternity Necklace


Are you embracing the journey of motherhood? Is your wife, sister, friend, or daughter expecting a new little bundle of joy? Our MUSE MMXX Maternity Oval Necklace celebrates the incredible bond between mother and baby during pregnancy. Did you know an unborn baby begins to hear at about 20 weeks of pregnancy? What better way to commemorate this special time than with a stunning solid gold maternity necklace. The pendant features a pregnant mom’s silhouette with her little bun in the oven sitting cozy in her tummy. A beautiful push present idea to memorialize the journey of pregnancy.

The MUSE MMXX Maternity Oval Necklace is part of the Love, Mama Collection, where we celebrate strong, beautiful women! The necklace is crafted using real solid gold for impeccable shine and durability.

Details & Dimensions:

  • Solid gold
  • 20mm x 15mm pendant
  • 16" chain length

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